Moving,moving boxMoving is not my favorite thing in the world and I am sure most people feel the same way.  But, when you are moving into your new home, it is a little more fun!  We have put this checklist together for you to put some things on auto pilot and help to make your transition a little bit smoother!


 1.  Call the security/alarm monitoring company to have the system transferred to your name on the day of closing.

2.  Submit your change of address form to the Post Office for mail and magazines.

3.  Notify your financial institution of your move and new address.

4.  Order new checks from the bank (if you use them).

5.  Arrange for moving assistance.

6.  Notify your employer of your change of address.

7.  Notify your creditors of your change of address.

8.  If moving from out of state, change your driver's license and get new license plates and registration.

9.  Register to vote.

10.  Register kids with their new school or submit a change of address with their school.

11.  If changing doctors, arrange to have medical records transferred to the new offices.

12.  Arrange for home insurance at least 2 weeks prior to closing.



Happy Moving Day.  As always, give us a call if we can help you find your next home or if you would like some information about the Denver housing market.