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As Spring is approaching, our thoughts start turning to freshening up our living spaces.  Spring flowers, getting the yard prepared for the summer and some spring cleaning often top the to-do list.  If you want to freshen the front of your home, here are six easy and affordable ways:

1.  Consider changing or painting your front door.  Stand at the curb and take a good  (critical) look at the front of your house.  What stands out?  What looks worn?  Often a pop of color will do wonders for our homes.  Consider replacing an old or unattractive door or perhaps changing the color to give it a modern feel.  

2.  Coordinate the look of the front of your home.  Take a good look at the mailbox, the house numbers and the porch light.  Do they go together and create the vibe you are looking for?  Is one modern and one vintage? Decide what your style is and purchase elements that fit within your aesthetic.  These are small details  that  are often overlooked and can make a big change in how the porch or entry of your home looks and feels.

3.  Add plants in coordinated pots.  Planting flowers is one of my favorite spring activities.  Plants and flowers are a great way to add color, texture and visual interest to the front of your home.  A visit to your local garden store will give you lots of ideas or you can get pre-made baskets and planters if you are short on time or creativity.  Plants and flowers are a beautiful and fragrant welcoming note to any home.

4.  Clean everything.  Make sure window are squeaky clean to let in the gorgeous Colorado sunshine.  Hose down or power wash the front of your house, the porch and perhaps the side walks if they have gotten dirty from ice melt.  Clean your outdoor furniture, including the cushions.  It is amazing how much dirt accumulates over the winter and just cleaning things will make the front of your home more appealing.

5.  Think about adding an outdoor rug if you have a porch, or pillows for chairs and couches.  This is an easy way to add color and you can switch them out easily as your tastes or the seasons change.

6.  Cut back shrubs or plants that are overgrown.  Overgrown shrubs can crowd sidewalks or windows, making them seem a bit threatening.  You also will have a more attractive vista if trees and shrubs are trimmed.

Now get ready to have the neighbors over or just enjoy your lovely home!  As always, if we can help you with any real estate questions, please give us a call.   We would love to help you home.