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The Hospitality House sits innocuously in the middle of the Denver University (DU) Neighborhood.  Most people that walk and drive by probably do not give it a thought or a second glance.  It looks like a big house or perhaps  a converted business.  I do not think many people who live near DU or in the Harvard Gulch neighborhood know about the Hospitality House even as it quietly go about its purpose of helping the community and healing lives.

A few years ago, Hospitality House came to life!  The space at one time housed an assisted living center and now is home to an amazing program which is part of Porter Hospital and is largely funded by the Porter Foundation.  When I give my "elevator speech" I normally say that Hospitality House is like a Ronald McDonald House.  It is a living space geared towards out of town patients who are recovering from transplant surgery or different types of cancer treatments.  Some out of town patients are well enough to be dismissed from the hospital but they need to stay near by in order to continue treatment and follow up care.  Hospitality House gives these patients, along with a caregiver a place to stay.  

The House has nine fully furnished bedrooms,  an upgraded kitchen, laundry facilities, a living room and a sun room.  Guests are able to cook their own meals and have a "home away from home" experience. The house is an inexpensive solution for patients who are in great need.  There is an outside Gazebo and barbeque so guests are able to get outside when the weather is nice.  Volunteers stock the pantry with many stable food items to try and serve the guests and to help alleviate their costs. 

When patients are sick or recovering there is an incredible peace in being able to offset their financial costs and to have a comfortable and lovely place to stay as they heal. 

Our desire as Realtors and as humans is to help build a strong community.  Throughout the past few years, we have been able to coordinate neighborhood  volunteers and have hosted food drives for the House Pantry, have had Spring Cleaning Days and  have brought meals on a weekly basis for the patients.  We have heard some amazing stories as we have had the opportunity to serve those in need. 

Hospitality House is a wonderful neighborhood charity doing healing work in our Denver neighborhood.  If you would like more information or would like to volunteer, check them out at www.centura.org and go to the Foundations page.