Today was my first day back into my garden plot in the Rosedale Community Garden.  The Rosedale Garden is located just West of Harvard Gulch Park and is the oldest and largest garden in the Denver Urban Garden(DUG) system.  I joined the garden last year mainly as a way to connect more deeply with neighbors in the Rosedale/Harvard Gulch community and I was not disappointed.  Gardener's here are very welcoming and are quick to introduce themselves as well as offer advice to a rookie green thumb!  Each year the garden grows over 15 different varieties of garlic and celebrates the harvest with a fall Garlic Festival!  As a volunteer I learned how to cut "scapes" (and what a scape was), as well as how to harvest and prepare different garlic dishes!  

Many gardener's grow for Project Angel Heart or for other Food Organizations, making it a true gift to the community.  The nearby Waldorf School has a plot and uses the garden to impart lessons to their students and this year we are taking part of a study to see if gardening has a positive effect on health.

 Last year my squash plants got away from me and landed me in the "invasive neighbor" category!  Although no one said that to me, I felt a little guilty!  This year I am excited to plant a cutting garden with just flowers!   The Garden is one of the reasons that Harvard Gulch is such a great neighborhood to live.  If you want information about homes in this great neighborhood, give us a call!