In Denver's red hot real estate market, Realtor's have several "tricks" in their bag to help their clients win the bidding war.  But do these really work and can an emotional plea or a picture of your dog really help your case?  The answer to this is yes, it can work!

Recently, a client of ours was in a bidding war for a home that was listed at over a million dollars. They were very well qualified but needed to finance their offer and were competing against an all cash offer.  The letter they wrote convinced the Seller to take their offer.  The Seller had lived in the home for over 40 years and had raised her family there.  My clients are a young couple who wanted a forever home to raise their family in as well.  The Seller took my client's  financed offer over the cash offer based on her own motivation of wanting the home to go to someone who would love the home and cherish it the way she had.

 The closing was an amazing experience of watching the Seller overcome the sadness of selling this special home as she bonded with my clients and realized how much they will  love this special place and knowing a new generation will grow up there!

At the end of the day, I believe most Seller's choose which offer to take based on the highest price and who they believe has the strongest offer, but Seller's also have other motivations and it is possible to tap into that psychology.

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